Sing me to sleep
Fran | Boy | 17 | Croatia
dek-ep-tf: 😊

Hey! I assume this is a smiley:)

The Strokes - Trying Your Luck

Grizzly Bear - Gun Shy

Arctic Monkeys - Fake Tales of San Francisco

Anonymous: ☺

tami i know this is you:P

Bjork - It’s Oh So Quiet

Bon Iver - Calgary

Lana Del Rey - Without You

ehkoenig: lmao oops sorry ☺️

oh hey<3

Total Life Forever - Foals

505 - Arctic Monkeys

Comrade - Volcano Choir

Send me a “☺” and I’ll put my ipod on shuffle to tell you our song


Ill do 3 songs instead of 1

i wanna try this to!:3

(except i’ll get no messages but ok ._.)

(via ehkoenig)